Common Wifi Router Performance Issues

Having a wireless router at home will give you comfort in accessing the internet whether you are in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Wireless routers will also give you the ability to share your internet access to multiple users which is very ideal if you are into online gaming.

However, there are times that wireless routers will give you a headache, especially when you are in the middle of watching your movie via online streaming or viewing pictures. There are 3 very common wireless router performance issues that consumers face no matter what brand they are using;

1. Limited Service –

Limited service is the most common problem you will experience indicated by the wireless icon on your laptop, tablet or smart phone. However, there are instances that when you connect the router directly to your laptop, tablet, or computer, you will get internet access. If this happens, it is best that you reset your wireless router. To reset your wireless router, look for a small hole at the back of the unit and use a sharp pointed object to click the button.

2. Connecting Problems with your new gadget –

Sometimes your wireless router has a problem connecting with other laptops, tablets, or smart phones which will surely frustrate you. Do not panic! The router is not broken but you have to configure its settings by changing its security options to “none or WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES]”. This type of setting is commonly used by any gadgets. You can read more about wireless router security here.

3. Sudden loss of wireless connection –

There are times that you have mistakenly configured your wireless router’s settings and because of it, you cannot connect to the internet. You will notice that your router has a problem when the “internet” icon color is orange or not the same color as the rest of the icons. If this kind of problem happens, you simply have to go to or the installation CD of your router, go to “basic settings” and check the DNS address box which states “get automatically from ISP”.

Wireless routers should always be placed in a place where it is cool or away from sunlight to prevent it from being destroyed. If you have a two story home, it is also recommended to place it on the second floor of your house so that your signal will be wider since a router’s signal is like an “umbrella”.

If you’re in search of the best wifi router, you can find some good reviews here.